Let’s eat

Let’s Eat is an app that assists the user when multiple people are having trouble on deciding on a specific restaurant to eat at. The app works with a swipe feature which helps speed the process and helps eliminate the foods that someone in the group does not want.

 72.6% out of 88 people eat out more than 2 times a week.

6% out of 88 people do not eat out at all.


Hypothesis statement

We believe that by developing an app that allows Northridge residents to agree on a place to eat, we will make enable to residents to get into arguments far less. We will know this to be true when we see that 200,000 downloads have been made through the app store.

Research findings

Mark, 19


Unable to find affordable food that all of his friends agree to eat

Pain Points

Broke college student unable to find affordable food that his friends and himself agree to eat


Wants a better streamlined way for him and his friends to decide together on a place to eat


Matt Portrait
Megan Profile photo

Megan, 22


My boyfriend can never agree with me on where to eat anymore!

Pain Points



To eat without arguing and to locate a decent meal