I have many Armenian friends and most of them have been posting about what is happening in Armenia. This all feels so surreal. The stories I am reading and watching are insane. So if you don’t know what’s going on.

Please do your own research, but here’s a quick rundown from what I learned.

Azerbaijan and Armenia were at war in the 1980s up until 1994. Azerbaijan fired at Armenia during a cease-fire on July 12, 2020. Azerbaijan wants to annihilate Armenia because they want control over land that they do not live in or ever lived in. Azerbaijan is backed by Turkey while Armenia is left to defend themselves. That is why so many of our Armenian friends are pleading for help. Many are gearing up and flying to Armenia to help defend their country. This is so heartbreaking.

Click the following link to learn more and different ways on how you can help: https://helparmenians.carrd.co/​

Story used from @astoldbyvee
Narration by @naresakoian
Music by @purecomposition

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